My (Personal) Mixes

Ever since that one fateful Christmas, when challenged by my fellow record store employees to a store-wide Christmas mix competition, I have created a Belle & Sebastian-themed Christmas mix. It has become a bit of an obsession. Hence this blog.


2022: Jolly Chubby Elf
2021: This is Just a Modern Xmas Song
Christmas Storytelling
2019: Xmas
2018: How to Solve Our Christmas Problems
2017: Snow Man
2016: Come on Santa
2015: Elves in Xmastime Want to Dance
2014: Jolly Snow Sculptor Santa
2013: The Third Eye Santa
2012: The White Collar Elf
2011: Step Into My Office, Santa
2010: Write About Xmas
2009: If You’re Feeling Jolly
2008: The Claus Pursuit
2007: Dear Catastrophe Santa
2006: Fold Your Hands Santa, You Walk Like an Elf
2005: The Boy with the Santa Hat

Of note, it always surprises me that people don’t seem to 1) notice or 2) care about the hilarious cover art. Come on people! All your favorite B&S records Santa-fied?! Isn’t that what you always dreamed of?? 🙂

4 Replies to “My (Personal) Mixes”

  1. How/where can I review all of your personal mixes without that 8tracks service? It doesn’t let you skip through songs.

    1. Yeah, I know – and now they have that listening limit for free accounts. It is indeed a bummer. I had not previously posted tracklists (here) in the hopes that folks would actually listen to a mix or two. Alas, in my heart of hearts, I suppose I knew it was an annoying move. I will be uploading the old mixes to mixcloud in the future, and there at least they let you skip ahead (but not back!), and hopefully will have the time to post some tracklists…

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