2022: Jolly Chubby Elf

1.Hot DadA Christmas Shortcut
2.Dent MayI’ll Be Stoned for Christmas
3.Hans PucketI Don’t Know What to Get You for Christmas (Do I Really Love You?)
4.Everett DarlingPictures 1-3
5.Phoebe BridgersSo Much Wine
6.Bird FriendChristmas Song
7.HousewifeJust Like Christmas
8.Neil Broganchristmas (with a small c)
9.Julie AubéÇa c’est Noël
10.La BattueXMAS
12.MirabelleLe ciel était blanc
13.SASAMIIt’s You
14.Elliot MaginotI’ll Know My Savior (Christmas All Around)
15.Dr. DogEbenezer Scrooge
16.Worn-TinHappy Christmas
17.The PoochesNew Years
18.Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone ElseHere Comes the Snow
19.Christmas AguileraOnce Upon a Time
20.WicketkeeperHo Ho It’s Christmas Again
21.The Bug ClubChristmas Lullaby
22.Wake Up and Smell the SunThe Tearful Joy of Joyful Noise
23.Maxwell FarringtonFeel My Nose
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