2018: How to Solve Our Christmas Problems

1Billy ChangerNew Year Dreams
2Eyes Lips EyesSlept in Through Christmas
3BabaganoujShitty Christmas
4Gabrielle PapillonThen it Snowed
5The Grubby MittsCome on Home for Christmas
6Le LouleurLe Dernier Noël
7Futuro PeloSwamp
8Christmas AguileraFootsteps
9Guillaume CantillonNoël Je Me Souviens De Tout
10The StavesHome Alone, Too
11Pictish TrailBut Once a Year
12Richard WaltersThe First Snow in Years
13Amy StroupHoliday Ease
14SaintsenecaNew Coats
15Fontaines D.C.Winter in the Sun
16Matty Took42 Degrees
17Whyte HorsesNext Year Will Be Mine
18Dirty NiceIt’s All Gunna Go Wrong This Christmas
19Lullabier feat. FaroNatale A Ceneda
20TravellerChristmas Eve at Kroger
21Annika NorlinCORRESPONDENCE: Silent Night
22Tom RosenthalThe Only Time I’m Home
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