Christmas Mix 2017: Snow Man

Christmas Mix 2017: Snow Man

This year’s mix began taking shape at the end of 2016, its direction was solidified the moment I heard Mac McCaughan’s “Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again).” This year would have some four letter words, sexual situations, whatever might come, as I decided to allow myself this freedom every few years and not play it around my kid. I’ve done my best to remember to mark which songs have the fucks and the shits (hehe), but alas, I may have missed one; that oversight would certainly be classic me. As for the rest of the content, there are some angry songs, some sad songs, and some damn sweet songs, the highlight of the latter being Charlie’s Hand Movements’ “Until the 25th.” Damn, I love the ending to that song. Hopefully you’ll dig it, as this moment is really why I do this blog. I created Christmas Underground largely as a resource to keep track of my own search for music. By sharing, perhaps others would also share with me and not make it such a long, hard slog. I’ve met many wonderful people who have done just that – and I hope to hear from even more of you in the future. So, the blabbing is over, the listening begins.

Snow Man from sixtywatt on 8tracks Radio.


Christmas A Go-Go is Back!

Christmas A Go-Go is back! Stubby (out of semi-retirement) and I have been here, in varying levels of posting activity, waiting for the season and our favorite seasonal bloggers to figure out their passwords and start posting again. Of course Ernie has his Christmas in July, but beyond that mid-year burst of related content… it can get a little lonely around the Christmas tree. Christmas A Go-Go has been posting since 2006 – they have me beat by 6 years! – and routinely hips me to cool, mix-worthy tunes from around the world. If you have found my site, you likely know theirs… but just in case you hadn’t realized they were back… THEY ARE!



Just wanted to say hello. Feel free to say hi back!

Have some good stuff coming up soon. Hope you are in the mood for something from the lower countries…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish I had more time these past 48 hours to post… because so much great stuff has come out. I will catch up, I promise. I am somehow not burnt out this year. But what I most want to know is… what were your favorite songs this year?

Christmas Mix 2016: Come on Santa

This year’s mix is darker than most. But hey, this year has been darker than most. The normal mix of indiepop and indie rock is joined, for the first time, by chiptune. There’s also a healthy dose of and folk, as well as a dash of what some might consider R&B. Who knows what you’ll think of it… but I like it. Tweet me any questions at @Xmasunderground.

HEY, I added Mixcloud too:

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Elves in Xmastime Want to Dance

Christmas Mix 2015: Elves in Xmastime Want to Dance

A few days later than my goal of December 1, but well worth the wait. The final piece of the puzzle was “Once a Year” by Sweden’s extraordinary Crying Day Care Choir. It ended up not being as dark as I originally feared, which I’m sure most of my listeners will appreciate. The UK weighs heavy on this mix, much more than in years past, unseating the usual Nordic state residency. I do hope you enjoy. Feel free to tweet me any questions: @Xmasunderground.

Elves in Xmastime Want to Dance on 8tracks.

Gonna kill the rating system

I am 95% decided that I’m going to kill my rating system. Unless people f*ing love it for some reason, the numbers are gone and I’m going to take an afternoon and erase them from every damn post. Thoughts?

The Box Set

I don’t believe I ever shared any pics of the box set that I made last year, so here they are! The box is (of course) an adaptation of a Belle & Sebastian release, specifically the Lazy Line Painter Jane singles box that they put out a number of years ago. B&S did alternate artwork for their box set, which shared a name with a single… and I did the same. Enjoy, and feel free to share your favorite cover art if you are so inclined (Facebook may be an easier place to do this).


Thanks, and see you soon

Thanks everybody for all the nice notes and comments over this holiday season; Very much made my day when I got a nice comment or message. However, I reserve and even bigger thanks to my Christmas bloggers-in-arms who had inspired me to start this blog a few years ago, and have since become my friends as I became part of their community. I began listing you all, but then got worried that I would miss someone.

That said, I think I’ve taken enough time off. I do post all year – so if you like this sort of thing… feel free to check back in.