2014: Jolly Snow Sculptor Santa

1Jamies BeaNew Year Beat
2YounghusbandI Don’t Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
3SleepwalkersWish List
4Best FriendsWhen Christmas Comes
5Shy NatureIt’s Christmas (Close Your Eyes)
6Short SkirtsChristmas Depends on You
7Dr. DogChristmas Party
8!!!And Anyway It’s Christmas
9Wild NothingOne Christmas Catalogue
10MontSnow in the New Year
11Air FranceHold on to Me, Baby
12Sweet TempestSnow
13Mr. Little JeansDear Santa
14Naive Thieves & Summer TwinsHoliday in the Sand
15The Explorers ClubChristmas Must Be Tonight
16The LimiñanasChristmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
17Hot ShortsI Don’t Want to Talk About It (This Christmas)
18The Vacant LotsNo More Christmas Blues
19Glow KitChristmas Daze
20The Eastern SeaThis is Christmas
21FirebreatherPeppermint Delight
22Los Campesinos!When Christmas Comes
23Dark HorsesJul Song
24Sigurd Julius & MateaTidsfordriv I Mørketida
25Crying Day Care ChoirFirst Christmas

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