Christmas Mix 2022: Jolly Chubby Elf

This final bit of the year has been a challenge. My mix is more than a week later than usual, and I’m not going to get a single one in the mail in time for Christmas. But, that’s life. This year is the 18th year producing a mix… it can now vote, fight in a war, and buy lottery tickets. Oh, it can buy those CDs with the parental advisory stickers too… and R movies! Wow. My baby is all grown up. This year’s selection nearly became one of swears and synths, but I ended up toning down the swears and left the synths. I’d like to think I’m hardcore, but I’m still a dad who wants to play this in my house and not feel tooooo bad when my son gives me that “Daaaad” look. I’m going to miss the days when he calls us out on our swearing. He’s already picking up words like “bro!” from Youtube… ugh. You might imagine, there are a lot of tracks here you’re already familiar with if you read my blog. There will be a few new ones in there, as well as a few classics. There’s one song that nearly everyone will have on their mix, but it is quite good… so hopefully you won’t be bored by it. All that said, please enjoy Christmas Mix 2022: Jolly Chubby Elf.

1.Hot DadA Christmas Shortcut
2.Dent MayI’ll Be Stoned for Christmas
3.Hans PucketI Don’t Know What to Get You for Christmas (Do I Really Love You?)
4.Everett DarlingPictures 1-3
5.Phoebe BridgersSo Much Wine
6.Bird FriendChristmas Song
7.HousewifeJust Like Christmas
8.Neil Broganchristmas (with a small c)
9.Julie AubéÇa c’est Noël
10.La BattueXMAS
12.MirabelleLe ciel était blanc
13.SASAMIIt’s You
14.Elliot MaginotI’ll Know My Savior (Christmas All Around)
15.Dr. DogEbenezer Scrooge
16.Worn-TinHappy Christmas
17.The PoochesNew Years
18.Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone ElseHere Comes the Snow
19.Christmas AguileraOnce Upon a Time
20.WicketkeeperHo Ho It’s Christmas Again
21.The Bug ClubChristmas Lullaby
22.Wake Up and Smell the SunThe Tearful Joy of Joyful Noise
23.Maxwell FarringtonFeel My Nose

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