Faye and the Scrooges “X M A S” (2014/2015)

Faye and the Scrooges

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Well, I got tweeted at earlier this month – which is always a treat for a niche music blogger.

I immediately began listening to the new Faye & the Scrooges Christmas track, much to the dismay of my wife. I mean really… who could live in my house and be sick of Christmas music. Well… perhaps the dog isn’t sick of it… I haven’t asked him yet.

“X M A S” has a bit of a “Terrible Presents” groove (their wonderful song from a few years back), but the subject matter makes perfect sense for this festive band. Each year, this group of friends gets together and records a Christmas tune to share on Christmas eve at the pub. It makes wonderful sense that they might document these holiday shenanigans in song. Too many jager-bombs the night before (no doubt while passing around their new song) leads into a food and drink-filled Christmas day. This is the kind of Christmas day that I also look forward to, but mine doesn’t usually have a good beat.

Bottom Line: F+TS remain one of the best Christmas pop bands out there. 4.3/5



Thanks, and see you soon

Thanks everybody for all the nice notes and comments over this holiday season; Very much made my day when I got a nice comment or message. However, I reserve and even bigger thanks to my Christmas bloggers-in-arms who had inspired me to start this blog a few years ago, and have since become my friends as I became part of their community. I began listing you all, but then got worried that I would miss someone.

That said, I think I’ve taken enough time off. I do post all year – so if you like this sort of thing… feel free to check back in.