Deerful “City Bells” (2015)

Self Released
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It seems like there is this big group of friends making all the great indiepop Christmas tunes in the world. It begins somewhere between London’s Darren Hayman and Norway’s Sunturns, creating an overlapping venn diagram that I really should make someday. The latest wonderful example sprouts from Emma Winston, a frequent collaborator within the London indiepop scene. Her first effort under the name Deerful is the very lovely “City Bells,” which recently premiered on For the Rabbits + the Scared to Dance Podcast (which I really loved yesterday). You could not wish for a more soothing, beautiful, snow-filled day 24 hours in Cambridge. It captures a perfect moment in late December, the city in lights, and holds it close as a memory to cherish.

Bottom Line: This song is like a warm blanket on a chilly winter night.


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