John Mark Nelson, Tancred & Jenny Owen Youngs “Fireside” (2021)

Self Released

John Mark Nelson & Jenny Owen Youngs are both no strangers to these pixels I call home. They both write thoughtful, introspective seasonal songs, and this year’s collaboration between the two ropes in Jess Abbott (Tancred) to create a Voltron of emotional, gentle, beautiful strumming and plinking. YOU ARE WARNED! Prepare to look INWARD! The lead single “Fireside” is exactly as Jenny describes,” a crisp homage to indoor rumination in December, and keeping warm with loved ones when daylight is brief and winter nights are long.” Nailed it Jenny. Their voices blend beautifully, most especially during the chorus when the song flares like a flame catching that perfect piece of kindling. They also hit that sweet spot at nearly three minutes in length, this song is that perfect blend of short and sweet, as one does not want a cup of hot chocolate to get cold. Delicious!

Bottom Line: Snuggle up next to this song.


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