+/- (Plus/Minus) “All the Light Left Behind” (2021)

Ernest Jenning Record Co.

+/- (Plus/Minus) are a great indie rock/pop or “indietronic” (thanks Wikipedia) band that I’ve actually got some discs from on my shelf behind me. I grew up a big Versus fan, and Plus/Minus is the project of James Baluyut, who had played guitar in that wonderful band. When Versus took a long hiatus, James continued on with Plus/Minus, along with Versus’ drummer Robert Ramos (now playing guitar) and drummer Chris Deanor. My friend Ned hipped me to this latest Plus/Minus track, which happens to be a very beautiful, dreamy and nostalgic Christmas song, “All the Light Left Behind.” The song acts as a mantra, repeating the same verse as the music builds, which under the right circumstances, can get pretty emotional. Certainly a mix-worthy song I’m going to live with for a while.

Bottom Line: Thinking about your youth at Christmastime can be both beautiful and sad – can make you smile while you cry, and this song might just do that to you.


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