Safia Nolan “Le sentier de neige” (2016)

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EDIT: WELL WELL WELL. This was a cover! Anybody who read the earlier version of the review, I do apologize for not realizing, and will do better next time.

I hope you all are mapping out a tracklist for the Now That’s What I Call a Very French Canadian Christmas! compilation that you all are now undoubtedly crafting… because the hits just keep on coming. Montréal’s Safia Nolan has this gorgeous cover on her 2016 record, Reprises Vol. 1, whose simple beauty shines through both the sentiment of the song and perfect execution. The original version by Les Classels (1964) is a much grander production, while Safia’s single guitar beautifully frames this simple, vivid story of sharing a kiss in the snow. Things may be lost in translation, but I did love this part very much (especially those last two lines):

I told you “I love you” (Je t’ai dit “je t’aime”)
In the peace of the woods (Dans la paix des bois)
snow in poem (La neige en poème)
Melted under our feet (Fondait sous nos pas)

Of course, this is not a Christmas song… but if you read this blog, you know that this most certainly counts 🙂 And thank goodness, because it is fucking beautiful.

Bottom Line: Safia Nolan’s simply-adorned portrait of a sweet scene of love amongst the falling snow continues our journey into the best of French Canadian Christmas… who have low-key been just killing it for the past few years. Sorry for just digging in now!


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