Casper & the Cookies “Kiss Me Beneath The Christmas Tree” (2007/2022)

Self Released

Fun indiepop from Athens, Georgia. Well, that feels about as right as deep-dish Pizza from Chicago, or Nazis on Twitter; They just make sense together. Casper & the Cookies also holds a special place for me because I have a friend who used to be in the band! (I doubt she reads my blog, but hi Suzanne!) They also have lots of connections to the Athens, Georgia scene – being part of peak Of Montreal (IMHO Satanic Panic/Sunlandic Twins), opening for the Apples in Stereo, releasing singles on Happy Birthday to Me Records, etc, etc. Their new Christmas song, “Kiss Me Beneath the Christmas Tree,” would have fit nicely in with the sexy Christmas song roundups that have been curated over at Christmas a GoGo, as this song bypasses the mistletoe and gets you horizontal, “I’ll unwrap you, you’ll unwrap me.” Santa even gets an invite to a “ménage a three,” should he show up. Tie all these playful, sexy words up in some upbeat indiepop, and you have a recipe for some silly, poppy holiday fun.

Edit: It appears this track was originally released as an MP3 in 2007. Happy to have it back!

Bottom Line: You need some silliness amidst all the sentimentality, and this’ll do the trick.


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