The Crookes “You Bring the Snow” (2016)

The Crookes - You Bring the Snow

Anywhere Records
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Christmas is time of year (for me) where nostalgia becomes the currency, and this year, the Crookes have a million bucks. Their new song, which debuted on The Line of Best Fit today, is a wonderful, emotional crystal ball to the Christmases when you were young. “I wanna know where did the magic go? / This year, I swear I’m coming home. / So let the sleighbells ring, / people dancing and they’re having fun. / All I wanna have / One more Christmas like when we were young.” The lyrics, the synthesizer atmospherics, all the way down George Waite’s vocals paint a heartfelt yearning for when Christmas was truly Christmas. You know… that time in your life that planted that seed, and why you are reading this blog now.

Bottom Line: The Crookes can always be counted on for Christmas (silver and) gold.