Bonne Annee by Jean-Pierre Masseria

Jean-Pierre Masseria “Bonne année 1969” (1968/2017)

Finders Keepers Records
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I can’t even begin to explain who Argentinian-born, France-recorded, UK-reissued Jean-Pierre Bernard Massiera is, but I can say that this track from 1968, recently digitally reissued by London’s Finders Keepers Records, is pretty badass. The release, Bonne Année, technically contains two tracks, “Bonne année” and “Bonne année 1969,” but the first is so much slower and less interesting, and I really just wanted to yell about how much damn fun “Bonne année 1969” is. It is funky, it is trippy, it has off-mic screaming, a driving beat, one hell of a brass section, cackling and ho ho hos – so pretty much everything. It is, simply said, FUN.

Bottom Line: Would you drink water from the kitchen sink? Well no, but this kitchen sink, why yes I would.


Nashville Country Cowboys "Blue Christmas"

The Nashville Country Cowboys “Blue Christmas” (2016)

Self Released
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Well how about that? Two posts on one day for the same exact song. Technically, three versions of the song if you really want to get into the nitty gritty. This version is a hell of a lot more fun though. Perennial Christmas Underground favorites The Kansas Bible Company are back with yet another collaboration, this time with fellow Nashville band Okey Dokey to do a psych-brushed take on “Blue Christmas.” These old standards really benefit from fresh sounds, and this super-combo, renamed The Nashville Country Cowboys has hit on something very cool. Still not my favorite song to begin with, but their psych + mariachi horn combo is damn entertaining. Check it out for yourselves!

Bottom Line: The Nashville Country Cowboys find their own entrance into “Blue Christmas” and make it their own.


HomeMade X​-​Mess : Compilation : 2013

HomeMade X​-​Mess : Compilation 2013 (2013)

HomeMade Records
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This cassette (and download) release from 2013 somehow snuck by me. Its a small release with largely originals… exactly what I’m normally clawing through the internet to find.

“Wyoming County”, the Scott Rankie song that leads off the release is quite nice – sparse, with a solid, pained vocal. If this was an example of things to come, I would have been very pleased. However, like any Christmas compilation, this release ends up all over the board. The following track, Kevin Marlis’ “Saturday Slay” is a noisy, psych mess (though, in a good way), and I can’t quite hear the Christmas connection whatsoever. Other tracks are lo-fi indiepop (Songs by Thom’s “The Colours of Christmas”), 50’s pop-inspired profanity (“Jeffzilla’s “Christmas Song”), and what appears to be fuzzed-out karaoke (White Widow’s “When Santa Clause Gets Your Letter”), to name a few. It kept my interest, which I don’t say for a lot of Christmas comps… but I can’t say I really loved it.

Bottom Line: I found this comp to be unique, and at times, quite interesting. I have a feeling like some of you might find something else in these songs – that and the name-your-own-price on Bandcamp is encouraging. 3/5



Seth Pettersen "I Called You Last Christmas"

Seth Pettersen “I Called You Last Christmas” (2014)

Self Released / Burger Records
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The Burger Records’ crew is always churning out indie rock/garage rock Christmas tunes this time of year, and finally, Seth Pettersen has gotten in on the act! I really loved his 2012 release, Natural Machine, so I was pumped when I saw his song pop up on Burger’s Holiday playlist. It’s a simple song, Seth gets high, calls Sasha, gets the message. Perhaps done by anybody else, I wouldn’t enjoy it quite so much, but Seth is just great. I should be more academic, but I just really like Seth. Even if you don’t like this song, check out that link above for Natural Machine. I wore that cassette OUT.

Bottom Line: Seth Pettersen all up in your earholes. 4/4


Smoking Trees - Round Christmas Time

The Smoking Trees – Round Christmas Time (2014)

Ample Play Records
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For those looking for psych Christmas goodies, Cornershop’s Ample Play Records has a 2-song single for us. Given the challenge of following Ample Play’s excellent Festive Compilation EP last Christmas, this single by The Smoking Trees has lived up to expectations. Premiering tonight on Louder than War, the title track, “Round Christmas Time,” echoes “Why do you always love me more ’round Christmas time,” the kind of melancholy that any reader of the blog knows I dig. Throw an organ on there, and I’m in. The b-side, “Let the Psychedelic Lights of Christmas Shine” was previously released on the excellent aforementioned Festive Christmas EP, and will certainly scratch that psychedelic Christmas itch if you’ve got one. I would love to hear The Smoking Trees pick up the pace on one of these songs, just for fun. Throw a live version at us!

Bottom Line: Excellent psychedelic Christmas tunes continue Ample Play’s history of fine Christmas releases. 4.3/5