Banfi “Caroline” (2017)

Banfi "Caroline"

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London’s Banfi have written the ultimate song of loss and regret for this holiday season. This song bleeds sorrow, illuminated by the glow of Christmas lights. “Lying here in bed, with things we never said. / You are always the first to sleep. / I whisper my goodbye, / To all the happy lights. / Wrapped around our ugly tree.” The song is about the loss of a loved one, and the more you delve into the lyrics, the harder it hits. “Come sundown, this old town /  Looks a bit like the place we fall in love. / Come new year, you’ll know dear, / I lead you down a short line.” It is brutal and beautiful.

Bottom Line: Not your traditional holiday fare, Banfi tap the other side of the holiday and pour a full glass of sorrow.