Bullion “Child’s Christmas In Wales” (2015)

Self Released
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I’ve feeling the bug tonight – so here’s a third post for you night owls. London’s Bullion (aka producer Nathan Jenkins) has turned John Cale’s “Child’s Christmas in Wales” into a shimmering, electronic wave of synthesizers. This isn’t the only, somewhat drastic measure that Bullion employs. He only alludes to the first verse, as the melody replaces the vocals. Vocals do come in on verses 2-4, but again, he shaves off the fifth and final verse. However, I don’t mind a bit, as I believe brevity is always appreciated in a Christmas song. If only there were a download… but… I’m sure you kids can figure a way around that.

Bottom Line: Bullion has taken a great song, shaken it up a great deal, and thrown it on the table as a tasty treat. (and POOF – it’s gone)