Communist Daughter “Blue Spruce Needles” (2015)

Communist Daughter - Blue Spruce Needles

Self Released
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St. Paul, Minnesota’s Communist Daughter certainly have a thing for sad, sad Christmas songs. They recently played a gig billed as “singing the most depressing Christmas songs they know.” YES! I like this band! Thankfully, they have recorded one proper, sad Christmas song with a lovely cover of The Boy Least Likely To’s “Blue Spruce Needles.” The male/female harmonies are absolutely perfect for the song, as if they were always meant to be there. Further delving into their choices – the slower pace of the song, the sparse instrumentation – Communist Daughter have made this song feel wholly different from the original and beautiful in its own right. I believe that TBLLT would have to agree…

Bottom Line: Communist Daughter may have covered a song., but they uncovered it’s true soul. How about a download? 🙂 4.7/5