David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels “Winter Tragedy” (2021)

Self Released

David Newton, of C86 indie popsters The Mightly Lemon Drops, has just dropped this toe-tapper of a holiday song. Plenty of hooks and handclaps infuse this joyous romp with enough energy to get you through a whole afternoon. But then you listen to the lyrics – and that is where they get ya! Indiepop has this way of having such happy music, with terribly dark or sad lyrics. “Winter Melody, winter tragedy’s here / Picturesque landscape surrounded by holiday tears / Cold and bleak December / Frozen to the bone / Stranded at the airport / December all alone.” Ahhh well, just keep dancing!

However, I must say… the video is deceiving! David Newton plays every note on this song! Thee Mighty Angels is pretty much David doing overdubs… those his friends hanging out to be video stars and drink cold beer. Which would actually work really well for me… as I don’t play anything well enough to be in a band. Starting a band but need some fake musicians to back you up? DM me!

Bottom Line: Just a bit of tragic fun – a classic indiepop bait & switch!