Christmas Aguilera “Once Upon a Time” (2022)

Self Released

I check in every year, hoping to get a “Yup, we’re working on it!” and thankfully, after a week or so of anticipation, the new Christmas Aguilera has dropped. One of the stalwart presences on Christmas Underground, I believe I have mentioned them on every podcast I have ever appeared on (3 now!) and will continue to do so as long as folks make the mistake of asking me to talk to them. “Once Upon a Time” fits beautifully into that gen-x/millenial Christmas pocket that my wife and I perfectly straddle. Remembering our youth, dreaming of those Adidas predator cleats (or boots) meant to help you curve the ball or that copy of Mortal Combat… you don’t have to necessarily have to relate to those specific items to remember that feeling of slightly-desperate Christmas hope. This is a very specific feeling of anticipation that I am happy to tap into and Christmas Aguilera captures that beautifully.

Bottom Line: I never know what I’m going to get from Christmas Aguilera, and each year they manage to bring something new and wonderful to the table.


Christmas Aguilera “Christmas on Mars” (2018)

Self Released
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I have been waiting for this moment. It is officially Christmas, as my favorite Christmas band is back. Christmas Aguilera return with their funkiest jam yet. Featuring members of the fantastic Hero & Leander, this band has CHRISTMAS MUSIC PERFECTED. They have been writing these amazing, oddly touching songs in the years since their somewhat naughty and brilliant self-titled debut, and “Christmas on Mars” definitely breaks the mold. You can dance to this thing! Fluttering synths, flickering guitar lines, and a bobbing bass – I can’t stop moving in my seat! The music is what grabs you, but these lyrics are so damn fun and just as clever as always:

“Leaving home for Christmas
Packed my old guitar
The cat’s in her space suit
We’ve stocked up on dry fruit
The ice caps have melted
And everybody’s gone
There was no place like home
But buckle up our time has come”

In a year of gorgeous, touching, slow songs, I’m on board with funky Christmas Aguilera, and am looking to forward to our future in space. Especially if they have packed enough of those Trader Joe’s dried mango slices…

Bottom Line: I can’t say enough good things about Christmas Aguilera. I contact them every year in the hopes that the tradition continues… and thankfully it has.  As with all their releases, this song benefits Shelter, who believes everyone should have a home. Sounds like a good deal. You should probably buy ALL their songs right now, if you haven’t already.