Jacklen Ro “Wishlist” (2022)

Lolipop Records
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Jacklen Ro has an absolutely stellar pop sensibility. Their previous season effort was 2020’s “C U Christmas Day,” is an indiepop classic and one of my favorite songs to come out of that Covid-plagued season. Their latest, “Wishlist,” is slower and sweeter, but that indiepop goodness remains as potent as ever. For some reason, I loved the line “cause you make all my bulky sweatshirts look nice.” It made me think about how my wife is often stealing my sweatshirts as she lets the dog out… and made me feel that much sweeter about her, and about the song. You know you love someone when they steal something of yours and you think it is cute, and not THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

Bottom Line: Jacklen Ro is one of those bands you’re going to fall in love with.


Lost Cat “Winter Wonderland” (2021)

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Who are you Lost Cat? You are a three-piece rock band on Lolipop Records… you have an Instagram… you have covered “Winter Wonderland” with your own impenetrable wall of sound. Adding to the mystery, Lolipop Records initially released an unattributed version of this song on Soundcloud a month or so ago… Mystery (and general lack of specific information) aside, this cover of “Winter Wonderland” has pretty much taken what you love about the Darlene Love version and turned up the fuzz to an eleven. It is like adding a finishing salt to your favorite food… just delicious.

Bottom Line: Lost Cat’s fuzzed-out “Winter Wonderland” hits the spot.


Jacklen Ro “C U Christmas Day” (2020)

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Not much out there about this fantastic indiepop duo Jacklen Ro, but do you really need much more context than they have cut one of the best indiepop songs of the year? “C U Christmas Day” blends their voices perfectly, singing in response to each other before coming together for this big, beautiful chorus.

I’m making my move
to get close to you
I always do, I always do

Cause baby I can’t wait
to see you Christmas day
Cause you’ll look just the way
I remember from my dreams

The perfect memory
where you’re right next to me
Cause you’re all I want, baby.

This chorus does exactly what a chorus should do – it demands that you sing along. As I sit in my basement in a Peter, Bjorn and John t-shirt and underwear (a peek behind the curtain!), I am on my eighth listen and not only am I singing along, but I’m imagining myself singing along in my car at a later date. Why you ask? Because I fantasize about leaving the house these days. Yes, this song is mix-worthy… so I hope you haven’t finished your final playlist.

Bottom Line: Jacklen Ro have crafted one of my favorite songs of the season, no doubt about it. This is indie pop Christmas perfection, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. I should probably get dressed first…