Low “Some Hearts (at Christmas Time)” (2016)

Low - Some Hearts (At Christmas Time)

Sub Pop
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Low… what can you say. If you are reading this blog, you know all about Low’s underground Christmas legacy. What I have not (personally) been into, are their Christmas tunes post-Christmas EP. Well, that changed today, as I heard their new track “Some Hearts (at Christmas Time).” It is somber and lovely, heartbreaking and wistful. The production and experimentation within  harkens me back to a slightly less out-there Bon Iver (latest record), and I think it suits them well. In fact, Justin, why don’t you produce their next record? I’d love to hear that.

Bottom Line: Low is regarded one of the titans of underground Christmas music, and this year, they reminded us all why.


The Strange Echo “Just Like Christmas” (2015)

Self Released
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Wait a tic! This isn’t a new Computer Perfection song! Let me introduce you to The Strange Echo. It appears that this is a CP side-project, or a new project, or something of the sort. Either which way… it is being released under “The Strange Echo.” You’ll recognize the title no doubt – it’s a cover of Low’s classic, and my person favorite of theirs, “Just Like Christmas,” but with the little eccentricities that make a Computer Perfection (or… Strange Echo?) song! While I do prefer a CP original, a solid cover of a great song with electro-pop touches will most certainly tide me over till next year.

Bottom Line: Very solid cover of a truly wonderful song. That Detroit crew can really do some quality indiepop Christmas. Perhaps they should get together with the Fika/Allo Darlin’/Sunturns crew next year… do some tunes across the Atlantic…