How far along is everyone?

So, I’ve created an extensive spreadsheet to track the creation of this year’s mix. I’m looking at about 10 locked-in tracks, and 30 or so on the list for consideration. How is everyone else doing? Are you waiting for the week after Thanksgiving for what will hopefully be a flurry of new releases (I know I am!)?

Now if only the Apple Store would give me my computer back. Blarg!

5 Replies to “How far along is everyone?”

  1. Assuming these aren’t silly questions… How many do you plan to have in your final cut? How do you share? And with whom? For me last year I ended up with around 30 tracks. To share, I created a playlist and emailed the link to friends and family. For my immediate family, I added the tracks to my ongoing “xmas 5 stars” iTunes playlist (now around 200 tracks) for them to upload. As you can tell, I’ve been MP3 based for a while. This year I may do things differently…

  2. I usually have about 20-22 songs on my final cut. I do make some physical CDs (less than I used to now), so it has to fit under 80 minutes. For me, half the fun is doing the cover art – so I’ll probably always make some CDs. I do also send out a zip file to some friends as well. I share with friends in town, friends from college, even some bloggers and bands who I’ve become friendly with. Its rather amazing the friendships I’ve fallen into because of this little project…

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