Serenades (aka We Are Serenades) “Come Home” (2011)

Cherrytree/Interscope Records
Buy: Amazon (Try to find it elsewhere – eBay is often cheaper)

A side project of both singer-songwriter Marcus Srunegard and Adam Olenius (of the Shout Out Louds), Serenades (now known as “We Are Serenades“) put out a fantastic little EP, Come Home, to indie record stores in late 2011. A friend at our local college radio station proceeded to hip me to the fact that the title track is actually a Christmas song! And what a Christmas song! Melancholy Swedish Christmas songs are pretty much my favorite thing, and add a big chorus and I’m pretty much putty in your hands.

Bottom Line: These swedish songsmiths have created a song worthy of all-year-round listening – not bad for a Christmas tune. And hey, you can get this CD for CHEAP. 5/5



2 Replies to “Serenades (aka We Are Serenades) “Come Home” (2011)”

  1. You’re the best, man. Really, you are. Just what I needed for a late winter pick-me-up. You know, contrary to popular belief (and pop culture), the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that “you get what you pay for”. There is no correlation at all. Just sayin’.

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