Memoryhouse “The Year Will Be Our Year” (2012)

Self-Titled Magazine
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Why not round out the week by rounding out my Memoryhouse posts with their one remaining Christmas/New Years track? Back in January 2012, Memoryhouse covered this classic Zombies’ track to celebrate the new year. Posted and hosted by Self-Titled Magazine, this cover is certainly worth your time. The noisy guitar parts that they every-so-often intersperse differentiate it from the wonderful Mynabirds’ version enough to let it stand on its own.

Bottom Line: Free download. Great song. Great Band. Why not? 4.4/5


4 Replies to “Memoryhouse “The Year Will Be Our Year” (2012)”

  1. ah ecstatic about discovering your blog!! i’m honestly unsure how it’s bypassed me all these years in my frenzied annual christmas music search. just wanted to say i’m that i discovered 4 out of my 6 (so far) songs for this year’s mix on your site…thanks!!!!!

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