Sugar & Tiger “Noël Christmas” (2011/2014)

Buy: Amazon UK | Band’s Webstore | Amazon FR MP3 | Bandcamp

Sugar & Tiger‘s “Noël Christmas” has been around since 2011, but the song was not properly released until this year on their debut, Télévisage. An extremely fun tune, sung largely in French with some English in the chorus, these Parisians expertly straddle the pond. They list their influences as the Ramones, the Raveonettes and Phil Spector… so it makes perfect sense that they recorded a rockin’ Christmas song.

Bottom Line: Upbeat with that certain, I don’t know what (hehe) that makes me want to listen to it multiple times. If only it were easier to purchase as a single song! 4.1/5


4 Replies to “Sugar & Tiger “Noël Christmas” (2011/2014)”

    1. Hi Kristen! Yes – I have found it as an MP3 on Amazon France! I’ve updated the BUY links with that option. I wish they would just make it available on their Bandcamp… but alas…

      1. Hmmm, I am having a hard time getting the French Amazon to accept my address and credit card info. Hopefully I will figure it out later. Thanks for finding the download!

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