The Smoking Trees – Round Christmas Time (2014)

Ample Play Records
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For those looking for psych Christmas goodies, Cornershop’s Ample Play Records has a 2-song single for us. Given the challenge of following Ample Play’s excellent Festive Compilation EP last Christmas, this single by The Smoking Trees has lived up to expectations. Premiering tonight on Louder than War, the title track, “Round Christmas Time,” echoes “Why do you always love me more ’round Christmas time,” the kind of melancholy that any reader of the blog knows I dig. Throw an organ on there, and I’m in. The b-side, “Let the Psychedelic Lights of Christmas Shine” was previously released on the excellent aforementioned Festive Christmas EP, and will certainly scratch that psychedelic Christmas itch if you’ve got one. I would love to hear The Smoking Trees pick up the pace on one of these songs, just for fun. Throw a live version at us!

Bottom Line: Excellent psychedelic Christmas tunes continue Ample Play’s history of fine Christmas releases. 4.3/5


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