Seth Pettersen “I Called You Last Christmas” (2014)

Self Released / Burger Records
Buy: Bandcamp

The Burger Records’ crew is always churning out indie rock/garage rock Christmas tunes this time of year, and finally, Seth Pettersen has gotten in on the act! I really loved his 2012 release, Natural Machine, so I was pumped when I saw his song pop up on Burger’s Holiday playlist. It’s a simple song, Seth gets high, calls Sasha, gets the message. Perhaps done by anybody else, I wouldn’t enjoy it quite so much, but Seth is just great. I should be more academic, but I just really like Seth. Even if you don’t like this song, check out that link above for Natural Machine. I wore that cassette OUT.

Bottom Line: Seth Pettersen all up in your earholes. 4/4


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