The Magic Numbers “I Don’t Care If Its Christmas” (2014)

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The Magic Numbers are a bit bigger than most of the bands I feature on Christmas Underground. They are not quite as well known in the states, so I’ll use that as an excuse to post here! They just announced a new Christmas single today, and its a good one. “I Don’t Care if it’s Christmas” is a classic “Christmas is awful since you left me” scenario, but they do it wonderfully, and with a fantastic chorus. “Honey honey, are we throwing this all away,” – great stuff. The songwriting is excellent, from the lyrics to the different motions and emotions the song travels through. I knew this was coming, but much thanks to Christian for the heads up that it dropped!

They will also be selling a very limited amount of vinyl at shows this week. So check their tour dates at the link above!

Bottom Line: Excellent melancholy Christmas done by a group of consummate, professional songwriters. 4.5/5


If the song below doesn’t play, go to this link.

and a live version…

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