IndianGiver “Naked Feet” (2014)

Self Released
Buy: Bandcamp

There must be something in the water in Oklahoma. First, there was the saucy “The Naughty List” with Ryan Lindsey from Tulsa’s Broncho. Now, there’s Oklahoma City’s IndianGiver with “Naked Feet.” The song tells a story of some… sexual exploits while home for Christmas. It begins with this verse – “When I was walking through your childhood home, / with my palm in your palm. / You said, ‘Come and fuck me in my mothers bed, / with your tennis shoes on.’ / Naked feet on the hardwood floor, / we we danced around to the / carolers singing at your door / with all the lights down.” That’ll be one for the grandkids! Everything about it is pretty wonderful – from the groove, to the vocals, to the lyrics – it does not disappoint. I do love finding songs that don’t quite fit the nice Christmas mold, thanks Don’t Need No Melody for posting it many months ago.

EDIT: It appears they changed their name to Wildlings. Hopefully they will rebrand their old material and repost it, so that it does not disappear into the abyss of time.

Bottom Line: These boys from Oklahoma continue to spice up our Christmas with this name-your-price single. 4.8/5


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