Les Bicyclettes de Belsize – The Advent Calendar (Countdown to Christmas) (2014)

Self Released
Buy: Bandcamp

London’s Les Bicyclettes de Belsize have released a curious little single, where they take two different approaches to the same song. The first version, “The Advent Calendar (Countdown to Christmas),” has a more upbeat feel, and the sound is fuller than the more sparsely arranged “The Advent Calendar (by candlelight).” The track itself is quite lovely – and I really like the bits of A Christmas Carol that they intersperse into the song. While some of the production bells and whistles are missing from “by candlelight,” it also remains quite nice – Your choice of which track to include would certainly be based on the tone you wish to set.

Bottom Line: An excellent indiepop Christmas original, in two flavors! 4.4/5


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