The Aux – Christmas is a Bummer (2014)

Self Released
Buy: Bandcamp

Who the fuck is this guy? I can’t find shit about it. (Oh wait, here he is!) Oh, by the way, this review will be as NSFW as the record. “Christmas is a Bummer” is a hilarious, lofi, fucking fun record about not having a girlfriend at Christmas. This isn’t fucking rocket science, it’s bitching about that, and pretty much only that, for 4 songs. And you know what, I liked it. It was well done, funny, fast and short. I particularly liked “Christmas Eve,” which begins with “i wanna get kissed under mistletoe / but i’m a huge pussy and everyone says no / there’s nothing that special about tonight / but i wish i was smooching a girl that i like.” HA! The chorus is pretty damn catchy too. I’ll let you find that out for yourself. Now go find that dark place in your mind and rock out.

Bottom Line: This thing is the fucking shit. 4.5/5


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