Sleepwalkers “Under the Christmas Tree” (2014)

Self Released
Buy: Bandcamp

Richmond’s Sleepwalkers are going full Brian Wilson on their new Christmas track, “Under the Christmas Tree.” Though if their Bandcamp tags are to believed, they looked to much lesser bands for inspiration, such as N’Sync and Smash Mouth. I’ll leave it to you to decide…

Bottom Line: Brian Wilson would be proud. Lets support the so that they keep this lovely tradition going. 4.3/5


5 Replies to “Sleepwalkers “Under the Christmas Tree” (2014)”

  1. Too bad this track’s down, it sounds like a good one. Love your blog by the way! It’s already helping me make a new mix for this year. Maybe jumping the gun a little

  2. Too bad this track seems to be down, sounds like a good one! Love the blog by the way. Already starting to fill out my mix for this year. Might be jumping the gun JUST a little hah

      1. And I can’t believe they took it down!!! I don’t believe I actually downloaded it, or I would hook you up. I’ve certainly learned my lesson…

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