Couples Skate Only “First Christmas” (2013)

Gotta Groove Records
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Gotta Groove Records is a fantastic pressing plant/boutique label in Cleveland, OH… and these fine purveyors of the little vinyl discs we all know and love also send out a Christmas 7″ to some friends and clients each year. 2013’s release had a whole mess of tracks! What a little, vinyl bundle of joy to celebrate the holiday with… wait a tic… did I use that turn of phrase because this song is about being a new parent? You bet I did. Couples Skate Only and myself obviously must become best friends (Hi Tim!), as we both: 1. Enjoy indiepop Christmas music and; 2. have at least one tiny child. Their contribution to the 7″ captures parenthood wonderfully in 2 minutes, while in the warm embrace of a driving indiepop electro beat. Love it.

If you’re interested in vinyl – they have 5 left (as of this posting), on random colored vinyl. Looks like you all liked the track as much as I did. They appear to be ALL SOLD OUT!

Bottom Line: Fantastic indiepop that I personally can relate to… but not quite sure about those without kids… but hey, I’m the one giving the number. 4.6/5


4 Replies to “Couples Skate Only “First Christmas” (2013)”

  1. thanks for the kind words! my name is tim thornton, i’m half of couples skate only. i have copies of our xmas 7″ from 2011-2014, i’ll post them on bandcamp and send you a link when they’re up if you’re interested! i have a little thing on each one under various aliases. we’ve already recorded the 2015 7″ as a collaborative employee effort, it’ll be out a couple weeks before the holiday.

    1. Tim, but of course. I was expecting you. Hehe. Please do send the link! I’ve got 2013 and a test press of 2014 (THANKS AGAIN!), and I’m certainly interested in whatever else you’ve recorded. I’d also be interested in sending you a few bucks for the hard copies… 🙂

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