Neil Gretzky – Christmas Song (Demo) (2015)

Self Released
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So, I often go down the Soundcloud rabbit hole. Don’t really know why, it’s so packed of choral music and sermons that it sometimes feels futile. Then… you find something like this demo by the elusive Neil Gretzky. Not only did Neil not respond to my message inquiring about him and this wonderful song, but he specifically states that he “Keeps to himself” on his Soundcloud. While Neil chills, this song seeps into your life. It piqued my interested on first listen, the simple programmed beats, the raw vocals, the (one might say) unglamorous lyrics. Day after day, I find myself with this song in my head. This song is not perfect, it is certainly a demo. But those ragged corners make it even more endearing. I do hope you feel the same.

Bottom Line: Neil Gretzky released a demo better than most fully-produced Christmas songs. Take that, guy who wrote “Christmas Shoes.”


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