The Grubby Mitts “Come on Home for Christmas” (2014)

Lost Toys Records
Buy: Free!

“I know you really want me / I know you really want me / so come on home / it’s Christmas darling / so come on home. / I’ve seen the way you look at him, / all bleary-eyed and doughly-lipped. / Yeah, I’ve seen the way you look at him. / And you’re so cruel to him, / when it’s me you want / So come on home.”

“Come on Home for Christmas,” takes a very direct approach to the “it’s Christmas, please come home” trope. I don’t think I’ve heard a narrator have at one time have such a sad tone, but such confident lyrics; The vocal delivery is perfection. The walking piano and drums that lay the rhythm set a beautiful scene for all the instrumentation that creeps in by the second verse, and when you do notice, it’s damn beautiful. The Grubby Mitts recorded “Come on Home for Christmas” for Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC 6Music festive programme last year, so it was a late-season release that may have gotten overlooked by some who try to get their mix done early (like me!). Thankfully, they also released the track on Soundcloud for free download.

Bottom Line: Really an interesting, beautiful song that finds a new way to say “Baby, come home for Christmas.” 4.8/5


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