Christmas Aguilera “The Snowmen” (2015)

Self Released
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Everything in the world will be perfect for at least three minutes and fifteen seconds today. Why? Because Christmas Aguilera is back! “The Snowmen” was released and I don’t think Bandcamp has even notified me yet; I just happened upon it this morning! Christmas Aguilera have written some of the best, for lack of a better term, saucy Christmas songs I know, and they have also written some of the sweetest. “The Snowmen” most certainly falls in the sweet camp, and in a year of such darkness, I’m perfectly fine with that. The song tells the story of a snowman who realizes he has feelings. He is treated as a real boy, and loves every moment. It has a wonderful ending that can be embraced by all people, snowpeople or otherwise.

Tear up the rules
Christmas doesn’t got to be
A kick in the snowballs

The track, as always, benefits their local east London homeless charity. Love these guys.

Bottom Line: Listen to every single Christmas Aguilera track – because they are as close to batting 1000 as any band I can possibly think of. “The Snowmen” continues their unprecedented run of absolutely killer Christmas songs.


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