Christmas Mix 2016: Come on Santa

This year’s mix is darker than most. But hey, this year has been darker than most. The normal mix of indiepop and indie rock is joined, for the first time, by chiptune. There’s also a healthy dose of and folk, as well as a dash of what some might consider R&B. Who knows what you’ll think of it… but I like it. Tweet me any questions at @Xmasunderground.

HEY, I added Mixcloud too:

Edit: I have been made aware that 8tracks does not work in the UK, thus, I am adding a tracklist. I prefer to have folks actually have to listen to the mix to find out my secrets…May also be giving away a future post or two. However, upon hearing that news, here you go. A healthy mix of 2015/2016, with a random 2013 thrown in there.

1 Husbands Hey Yew
2 The Crookes You Bring the Snow
3 Milwalkie This Year (All I Want is You)
4 Grandwolves Zat You, Son of God?
5 Erik Koskinen On Christmas Day
6 Guess Genes How Many Letters
7 Chelsey Cope Holiday Party
8 Marika Hackman Driving Under Stars
9 Kid Canaveral Wasn’t Really Listening
10 Hanemoon My Bell Ride
11 Christmas Aguilera The Snowmen
12 Aviva Skye Snow
13 Pender Christmas Dirt
14 Prides Driving Home for Christmas
15 Neil Gretzky Christmas Song (Demo)
16 Skiing Skiing
17 The Cave Singers Christmas Night
18 Saintseneca All the Best
19 Joseph Bradshaw Christmas is Always
20 Dogs on Tour Christmastime
21 Low Some Hearts (at Christmas Time)
22 Family of the Year NYE

7 Replies to “Christmas Mix 2016: Come on Santa”

  1. Looking forward to this, but alas 8 tracks doesn’t work in U.K. Any chance of a playlist? Cheers and many thanks for your hard work.

  2. Thanks so much.
    Looking forward to checking out the songs I haven’t heard.
    Any idea where I could find either a hard copy or digital file of the Kid Canaveral track?

  3. Holy Snap! I can’t believe I haven’t run into your site before now. Great mix and and thanks for digging up such great tracks!
    As one holiday mix maker to another, please let me return the favor:

    Feel free to erase the url later if you don’t want it in the comments. Just wanted you to have it in case there was stuff in those mixes you didn’t have.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi, l love your blog, you have great taste. Would you be able to add the tracklistings of all your past Christmas mixes? As I’m in the UK I can’t access them on 8tracks (not even to just get the tracklisting, annoyingly!) Thanks

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