Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish I had more time these past 48 hours to post… because so much great stuff has come out. I will catch up, I promise. I am somehow not burnt out this year. But what I most want to know is… what were your favorite songs this year?

7 Replies to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Made a mix of my faves I heard this year. Could send u a soundcloud link of the mix if interested. But my faves by far this year were 2 songs…. Snow by Mask and A Song To Sleep To by Ferry.

  2. My favorite piece of christmas music from this season is the whole Winterval thing called “At Christmas Time”: A dozen of excellent originals with not too much tinsel and with absolutely no fillers. The other highlight of the season – and like the seasons before – was your xmas side. Thanks a lot to you and Stubby and all the other xmas freaks out there, may your enthusiasm will stay for decades …

    Yours Marco

  3. Sorry I’m running late here.
    Thanks again for all your great work this year,
    Hard to imagine a Christmas now with out you, Christmas A Go Go, Mistletunes and Stubby.

    Ever since I discovered the miracle of downloading, I’ve pretty much been a “song” person, and that works very well at Christmas.
    But this year it was the LPs that impressed me the most.
    I’m totally on board with everyone on Winterval. Loved it immediately.
    And the Arbor Christmas and the HO! Ho! Ho! Canada comps are both GREAT.

    As for songs, unfortunately it was a great year for sad songs.
    Amy Grant doesn’t get noticed much around these parts, but she has some lovely originals on her new holiday record, and the melancholy December touch me in a big way.
    Also, Sofia Talvik’s Cloth yourself For the Winter and Charlotte Carpenter’s Cheer. Both great.
    On the up beat side:
    Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
    Charles Cave’s This Fucking Time Of The Year
    And, best old song newley discovered by me:
    Kate Bush’s December Will be Magic Again

    Thanks for reading!
    All the best!!

  4. You know going into this I would have said Faithettes, but ‘Christmas Eve’ by Night Flowers has won 2016 for me. Perfect.

  5. Another great year for Christmas music. Here are a handful of my favorite new tracks:
    What’s In Your Stocking? – Shy Nature
    Stop Your Christmas Moanin’ – Sleepwalkers
    This Christmas – Color TV
    Christmas Everyday – Winterval
    Please Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas) – Dallon Weekes
    Make It Glow – EagleWolfSnake
    Holiday Party – Chelsey Cope
    Heavy Winter – Quiet Parade
    Snow Globe – Charlie’s Hand Movements
    All The Best – Saintseneca

    ..and lovin’ me some POLVO DE ESTRELLAS!

    Thanks for everything Jim!

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