7 Replies to “Hello!”

  1. Hello back at you. I always appreciate your recommendations to my music collection, even if my kids think it’s strange to be listening to Christmas music when the sun’s out!. I really like Four Eyes track that you picked out and look forward to hearing other festive tunes throughout the year. Thanks again for all your eforts.

    1. You are too kind. It is always nice to know that someone, anyone reads and cares. Feel free to let me know when I have missed something you think I should know about!! I started this thing in the hopes that it would be a 2-way street 🙂

  2. Well…hello back! I must say, the Zefereli tune from a few weeks back, may be my favorite track of the past 2 seasons. I bought it before it finished playing the first time through. I am always looking (year-round) for songs for my holiday mix, Nice to have a jump start this year. Thank you for helping bolster this upcoming year’s set! Keep them coming!

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