Just wanted to say hello. Feel free to say hi back!

Have some good stuff coming up soon. Hope you are in the mood for something from the lower countries…


7 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello back at you. I always appreciate your recommendations to my music collection, even if my kids think it’s strange to be listening to Christmas music when the sun’s out!. I really like Four Eyes track that you picked out and look forward to hearing other festive tunes throughout the year. Thanks again for all your eforts.

    • You are too kind. It is always nice to know that someone, anyone reads and cares. Feel free to let me know when I have missed something you think I should know about!! I started this thing in the hopes that it would be a 2-way street 🙂

  2. Well…hello back! I must say, the Zefereli tune from a few weeks back, may be my favorite track of the past 2 seasons. I bought it before it finished playing the first time through. I am always looking (year-round) for songs for my holiday mix, Nice to have a jump start this year. Thank you for helping bolster this upcoming year’s set! Keep them coming!

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