The Boy Least Likely To “A Winter’s Tale” (2017)

Self Released
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The Boy Least Likely To have long been stalwarts in the indiepop-Christmas scene, releasing the beautiful Christmas Special LP back in 2010, compiling older Christmas singles alongside some fresh ones. (Boy I would love that on vinyl) In the following years, Jof Owen (half of the BMLT duo) created his indiepop-meets-country project, Legends of Country, which put out an equally spectacular, 2-song Christmas release in 2014, It’s A Long Way Back From A Dream. This year, after a cheeky response to a tweet I sent their way… I began anticipating a new track. December 1st hits, and viola! The David Essex cover, “A Winter’s Tale,” is a perfect blend of both sounds – the indiepop of Boy Least Likely To with the country of Legends of Country. The main orchestration is the Boy Least Likely To at their most lush, as the Legends of Country accents of slide guitar and fiddle bring the two worlds together beautifully. As with most indiepop, the music is upbeat enough to look past the melancholy, but those country accents do a wonderful job bringing you back down to the lyrics. “It was only a winter’s tale / just another winter’s tale / and why should the world take notice / of one more love that’s failed / it’s a love that could never be / thought it meant a lot to you and me / on a worldwide scale, / we’re just another winter’s tale.” It was certainly worth the wait.

Bottom Line: It sure is wonderful to have the Boy Least Likely To back in the Christmas game. Beautiful, melancholy indiepop, expertly crafted with love.


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