Christmas Mix 2017: Snow Man

This year’s mix began taking shape at the end of 2016, its direction was solidified the moment I heard Mac McCaughan’s “Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again).” This year would have some four letter words, sexual situations, whatever might come, as I decided to allow myself this freedom every few years and not play it around my kid. I’ve done my best to remember to mark which songs have the fucks and the shits (hehe), but alas, I may have missed one; that oversight would certainly be classic me. As for the rest of the content, there are some angry songs, some sad songs, and some damn sweet songs, the highlight of the latter being Charlie’s Hand Movements’ “Until the 25th.” Damn, I love the ending to that song. Hopefully you’ll dig it, as this moment is really why I do this blog. I created Christmas Underground largely as a resource to keep track of my own search for music. By sharing, perhaps others would also share with me and not make it such a long, hard slog. I’ve met many wonderful people who have done just that – and I hope to hear from even more of you in the future. So, the blabbing is over, the listening begins.

Snow Man from sixtywatt on 8tracks Radio.

3 Replies to “Christmas Mix 2017: Snow Man”

  1. Beautiful! Merry Christmas, man, and thanks for all you do. My own mix the last few years is basically “Stuff What Christmas Underground Done Posted”.

    Your pal in Milwaukee,

  2. Really enjoyed this mix (and enjoying all the music you’re posting this year as usual), but is there a way for me to see a list of the songs on this playlist? The names/artists didn’t come up when I was streaming on my phone. While so many songs are good (and I’ve found many of them in posts on here), I can’t find the song that’s played just shy of an hour into the mix. It’s a duo singing a lovely song about not “askin’ for much this Christmas” and it’s at about the 55 minute mark.

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