LA Wise Man (featuring LA Priest) “All I Want for Xmas Is Rock & Roll” (2017)

Domino Recording Co.
Buy: iTunes | MP3

LA Priest (aka Sam Dust/Samuel Eastgate) has become LA Wise Man for this seasonal song, and WHAT A FUCKING TREAT. This delicious slice of indie rock is yet another track up for “song of the season,” as the muddy bass line pairs perfectly with wailing guitars and some great lines like: “They say this buzz will be the death of us, / but we’re young and free, so we gotta be / We hear that tone when we’re all alone / and we set on fire instinctively.” That lyric is even more appropriate, as this song will burn down the Christmas tree and light your gifts on fire. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bottom Line: LA Wise Man has released a scorcher of a Christmas song, and if you read this blog, you’re probably going to love it.


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