Curious how you Christmas-mixers distribute these days…

As you can see, I’ve begun the big push towards the Christmas season. I’m posting more now than I had been (even though I try to keep SOME new posts coming during the year), and I’m beginning to think deeply about this year’s mix. I always do my best to provide a link to purchase the song, because that is what I need to create my primary CD and MP3 versions of my mix. But it got me thinking… how many folks just create playlists? Should I be providing links to Spotify/Apple Music/etc? I’ve never experienced anyone just sending a playlist as their official Christmas mix, but I’m also middle-aged, so while I’m not unplugged from the kids, I’m obviously not a kid. Thus, out of curiosity, please take a look at the poll below and let me know your Christmas mix distro flavor(s).

Please leave comments! The poll is great, but I’d love to know more about how you distribute, what you’ve found that works or does not work, etc.

10 Replies to “Curious how you Christmas-mixers distribute these days…”

  1. I actually have this issue this year. 8tracks is where all my mixes are posted, but wow is that site shit now. I’m going to look into Google Play. I think it would be a paid service? Not sure of I will be able to upload songs??

    It actually would be fun to do an old school cd swap. I just may do that!

      1. Cool, thanks!

        I’ll check out. It’s really important to me to keep the songs in my order and not just shuffle. So that may be perfect for me. I put in ungodly amount of time on the order / transitions through out the mix.

    1. FYI Google Play music is only good for sharing your music with yourself – and I (and others) have been having issues with the uploader for a couple of years with no fixes from google. More importantly for this convo, you can’t publicly share your playlists in the “normal” way – folks can only hear a preview of the songs with the option to purchase, and that doesn’t include songs you upload.

  2. We give out almost 100 CDs, mailing about half. With the expense we wondered if folks might prefer a playlist these days. So two years ago I created a spotify list (of all the CDs in one playlist – this is the 15th edition) and sent out the link with each CD, asking them to let me know if they still wanted the physical CD. The response was a passionate plea to keep sending the physical CDs – they were so worried we might stop! I found out that most eagerly await the mailing, and heard stories of where/when they listen to them. Exactly two people didn’t want it anymore. I continue to add the new tracks to the spotify list and post the link on social media. Since spotify doesn’t have all the songs that I do, the folks who get the CDs get those as bonus tracks 😉

  3. I’ve been making an annual Xmas mix since 1993, so 26 years. I distributed via home-dubbed cassettes for years, then home-burned CDs for years, then professionally copied CDs, the a couple of years of files on Dropbox, and now I use MixCloud. I don’t get as many listens as I did when I was able to hand friends a physical object, but this is far more practical. A podcast format would probably be even better.

    1. That would be soooo cool…an Xmas mixers collective podcast! We should do that!!

      This year marks my 10 year anniversary. I think it’s pretty amazing there’s others like me.

  4. I started doing a Christmas mix in 2006 when people would burn their own CDs, I create the mix, burn a CD then rip all the tracks again. I(This is so I can keep bitrates consistent and the audi normalised, as well as getting the metadata right.) a put these in a zip file and then upload it my webspace. I also put the full mix on Mixcloud. I figure this way people can either stream or have a physical CD. I send out the link and the traklisting by email and post physical CDs to a few. One year, I almost didn’t finish in time and some very concerned enquiries and people letting me know what the mixes mean to them – which was lovely.

    Your website has helped me find some cracking gems in the past so thanks!

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