Where do you buy your digital music?

I’ve run two music blogs in my day. The first one was all about limited edition and import music. Cool vinyl pressings and bonus tracks, all before vinyl got crazy. Now, I run a Christmas music website, which is quite different, yet so similar in many ways. Both required a whole lot of searching for that special song, that great record, and both required my reader to BUY something. Christmas Underground is not, and will never be, your place for free Christmas music. Yes, some songs are free by the generosity of the artist, but if I can, I always try to encourage them to, at the very least, set up a Bandcamp with a “name your own price.” Art is work, and artists deserve to be paid. With that, I’m curious as to what services you all actually buy your digital music from. I always defer to services with the highest source material (Bandcamp and 7Digital offer FLACs), but realistically, most folks shop at Amazon. So… let me know if I’m either wasting my time by posting so many options or equally, let me know if I’m not posting the site that you most like to do business with.  Feed my curiosity and please answer the poll below.

Update: So, for some reason, the poll did not allow multiple answers, but it does not. You can choose up to 4 answers.

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