The Photocopies “Under Christmas Lights” (2021)

Self Released
Bandcamp (NYOP)

There is something quite endearing about this little ramshackle indiepop Christmas song by Michigan’s The Photocopies. The fuzzy guitars, driving beat, and clever lyrics of “Under Christmas Lights” has really got me moving. The narrator is really working on winning over his ex on this song… but things aren’t going very well: “In the season of goodwill / We needn’t go downhill / if you really want to / We’ll go sled. / You can be hostile, / working on your smile / Without it I might as well be dead.” Perhaps the Christmas lights will provide the magic he needs…

Many thanks to my buddy Ned for once again hipping me to new Christmas tunes; Our Venn diagram is solidly indiepop these days.

Bottom Line: Classic indiepop upbeat music and downbeat lyrics… which is a thing I do enjoy.


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