Christmas Mix 2021: This is Just a Modern Xmas Song

How do you top the worst year you can recall? How about one that is marginally better! But hey… the year isn’t over. I have faith that humanity can really fuck it up in the next three weeks. With that, I present this 17th edition of my yearly Christmas mix to soundtrack the end of days. These mixes are never really finished in my head. I’m already rearranging it, kicking off a track or two, and replacing them. If only I could pull a Kanye and have it change from day-to-day. Wait, scratch that. I don’t wish being Kanye on anyone, especially myself. As for the contents, the mix is (as always) quite international. If I counted correctly, only 10 of 23 artists featured here are from my home country. I love that about this process… since good Christmas music is so hard to find, you really have to dig around absolutely everywhere, and you just never know where you’ll strike gold. One also should never expect my mix to be a roundup of what was good this year, as I truly do not care when a song came out. Is the song amazing? Great, it will make a mix someday… when it just feels right. I simply want to codify them into my life, so that I can easily revisit them whenever I need to. Songs… scents… small items you hold on that aren’t worth a dollar to anyone but you… These are just a few things that unlock the holidays for me every year, and thus I submit my time capsule of future nostalgia, This is Just a Modern Xmas Song.

1.Tino DrimaI Wish That it Was Christmas
2.Big Society feat. Ada Grace Francis(Won’t Be Home For) Christmas
3.Andy ClockwiseCollect Call to My Baby (Merry Christmas)
4.Billy NomatesChristmas is for Lovers, Ghosts & Children
5.The Little UnsaidFine World (When You Can Look It in the Eye)
6.Gold BabyLooks Like a Cold, Cold Winter
7.Hiss Golden MessengerHung Fire
8.Boat WaterMerry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)
9.RegalLove Your Christmas
10.Christmas AguileraAll I Want is You
11.Cherry GhostBlue Christmas
12.Deep CutsComatose Come Christmas
13.Marcos y MoldurasLa de Navidad
15.Now, NowLonely Christmas
16.Self EsteemAll I Want for Christmas is a Work Email
17.Brooke AnnibaleChristmas, Happy You’re Here
18.Jeremy WarmsleyDecember
19.Bek SarkoezyNew Year
20.Stevie & the ScroogesLonesome Christmas Blues
21.SaintsenecaThe Wandering Star
22.Daði FreyrSomething Magical
23.YACHTChristmas Alone

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