Dick Move “Eyes for Christmas” (2022)

Self Released

Under the Radar, though not the Under the Radar you and I likely know and love, but the New Zealand online music mag has hipped me to this Christmas song that rips up the male gaze. Auckland, New Zealand’s lo-fi punks Dick Move bless my blog with perhaps the most aggressive song I’ve ever featured… as I am often on the chiller side of the musical dial. I’ll defer to their description of the song:

“This song is about a cracker of a one liner that echoes through small town Aotearoa. Someone staring, dare we say ogling at you? Hit ‘em with the almighty “you get eyes for Christmas mate?” And watch them shrivel. Simple, powerful, crack up stuff — and hopefully gone are the dayz of the male gaze.” – Lucy Suttor, Dick Move

Most certainly one of the more unique Christmas songs I’ve come across, and quite worth your time.

Bottom Line: Tear it up, Dick Move. We’re here for it.


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