Broken Records “My Beer Drunk Soul is Sadder Than All the Dead Christmas Trees in the World” (2014)

Broken Records Christmas

Self Released
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It is a day of Scots I tell ya! Edinburgh’s Broken Records have recorded an original tune to be (no doubt) played at the Christmas Songwriters’ Club concert in Edinburgh on December 20th. I hope that all the participants release their songs – that would be amazing!! When I saw the title, I thought it might be a Joy Formidable cover, but it does appear to be a straight-up original. I love the swelling brass, the driving beat, and this vocalist is f*ing fantastic. Listen, listen, LISTEN (to both this song, and their others too. Just let the Soundcloud feed rolllllll).

Bottom Line: This is a rock solid addition to my mix in 2015, and top ten I’ve heard this year no doubt. 5/5