Broken Records “My Beer Drunk Soul is Sadder Than All the Dead Christmas Trees in the World” (2014)

Self Released
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It is a day of Scots I tell ya! Edinburgh’s Broken Records have recorded an original tune to be (no doubt) played at the Christmas Songwriters’ Club concert in Edinburgh on December 20th. I hope that all the participants release their songs – that would be amazing!! When I saw the title, I thought it might be a Joy Formidable cover, but it does appear to be a straight-up original. I love the swelling brass, the driving beat, and this vocalist is f*ing fantastic. Listen, listen, LISTEN (to both this song, and their others too. Just let the Soundcloud feed rolllllll).

Bottom Line: This is a rock solid addition to my mix in 2015, and top ten I’ve heard this year no doubt. 5/5


3 Replies to “Broken Records “My Beer Drunk Soul is Sadder Than All the Dead Christmas Trees in the World” (2014)”

  1. It’s good but not as good as The Joy Formidable’s “My Beer Drunk Soul…”

    BTW The Joy Formidable are an amazing live band. Funny enough I am not too much into concerts but I did enjoy their gig very much.


  2. I am sorry, I am bit dizzy and didn’t read your article, came straight from FB to leave a comment here. I hope I will get one Christmas post up today. German TV station aired 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy today, so my weekly soundtrack post had been a real pain in the ass. At least there will be a break for some month….

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