Computer Perfection and Friends – Christmas Party (2008)

VA - Christmas Party - Computer Perfection and Friends (2008)

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Many moons ago, a group named Computer Perfection was born from the ashes of Pas/Cal and released a Christmas record, Christmas Party. The indiepop world rejoiced, for the Christmas-loving band of Detroit musicians had not lost the urge to make delicious, loving, interesting Christmas music. This record disappeared from the internet, to the dismay of myself, and any other self-respecting, indie Christmas music fan. But alas… it has returned!

Lets run through my favorites…

The leadoff track, “Winter Las” by the 1900s is a wonderful piece of indiepop. There is something about good songwriting and tasteful production that can shield a good song from the ravages of time – this song is as wonderful today as it was when I first heard it. “Try to find forgiveness in your heart.” Beautiful.

The second track is the first by our hosts, Computer Perfection, and my personal favorite of theirs. This cover of the Marvin Gaye semi-classic “Purple Snowflakes” adds enough electro-flourishes and indiepop sheen to create a sparkling world of their own.

The fifth track, by LTD, “Whenever Snow Starts Fallin’,” is a great, soulful song that plugs into that age-old Christmas scene… the snow is falling in the lonely city, and he just wants his baby to come back to him. “Whenever snow starts falling / that’s when my heart is calling.” Very nice.

The final track is yet another cover by the wonderful Computer Perfection, this time trying their hand at “Feliz Navidad.” There is just a sense of joy that oozes out of this song. I’m not much of a fan of this tune normally… but Computer Perfection have found a way to bring out something in this song that I did not expect. Thanks.

There are 9 tracks in total on this record, and while I did not go in-depth on the other 5, they are all very much worth a listen. From a reworked Beyonce song, to a hushed electro “White Christmas,” this record is most certainly worth your time and attention. Thankfully, with the blessing of Computer Perfection, I offer my readers their very own, nicely tagged copy.

Bottom Line: Computer Perfection can bring their friends over to my house anytime to sing Christmas songs. 4.5/5


Here is one sample track… Computer Perfection’s wonderful cover of “Purple Snowflakes.” Enjoy, and download (Links above)!

Computer Perfection “Little Drummer Boy (Funky Drummer)” (2014)

Computer Perfection "Little Drummer Boy (Funky Drummer)"

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Those quite familiar with indiepop Christmas tunes know how wonderful those early Pas/Cal Christmas singles were. Then, when Pas/Cal was no more, Computer Perfection and Casimer & Casimir were born from the ashes. Both bands have contributed to the Christmas cannon, with Computer Perfection & Friends’ “Christmas Party” back in 2008 and last year’s Casimer & Casimir’s Soundcloud release “C&C does Margo for XXXmas.” Well, it looks like Computer Perfection are at it again, with “Little Drummer Boy (Funky Drummer).” Originally I thought it might be a James Brown song – but I think it may be their own mashup of “Little Drummer Boy” with Brown’s “Funky Drummer.” Readers of this blog may remember that “Little Drummer Boy” is my least favorite Christmas song ever, so please take the fact that I’m even mentioning this song as a reason to listen to it. Its funky & fun, with a splash of indiepop. It certainly deserves more listens than the 3 it presently has… 2 of which are mine. 

Bottom Line: No download (yet) DOWNLOAD! and this funky tune and its falsetto deserve a spot in your Christmas party playlist. 3.9/5


A Very Magistery Christmas (2005)

A Very Magistery Christmas cover

Le Grande Magistery
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A Very Magistery Christmas is one of the stronger indie rock/pop compilations I’ve come across. Originally an iTunes exclusive, this album has made its way into Amazon, Rhapsody, and eMusic.

Leading off the record is Pas/Cal,  who are known (at least by me) as having some of the BEST christmas tunes around, and their cover of “Last Christmas” lives up to their stellar reputation. This is one of the best versions you can find – and there are a LOT of covers out there. You can also grab this track on their 12″ split with Asobi Seksu. Their stab at “Jingle Bell Rock” isn’t quite as fantastic – but for a song that I don’t particularly like, they cover it well. It is quite unfortunate that when thinking about Pas/Cal, you must think of them in the past-tense… such a loss of lovers of indie pop christmas tunes.

The Stars also make two appearance on this compilation – and for this, be very thankful. First off, I’m a fan. Secondly, they hit a sweet spot that I enjoy – political Christmas songs. “Christmas Song” reflects on our perpetual wars in the Middle East, while reminding us that the Christmas season and Ramadan overlap. “A New Year (Live)” ends the record with a wonderfully stripped-down performance, dramatic as ever, and subtle with its hook. Two tracks worth a listen for sure.

Other standouts would be the electro-pop Baxendale tune, “Flash Gordon,” Mascott & Dave Derby‘s sad folk number “This Christmastime,” and Finian McKean‘s bluesy “Lost & Found.”

I’m not in love with the rest of the record, but nothing on it truly makes me cringe. You might be able to save a few bucks singling out the tracks you want, but overall, a worthwhile compilation that I am happy to own and support.

Bottom Line: Some stellar tunes in here make it rise above the pack. Loses a fraction of a point for not having an avenue to get a CD or FLAC. 4/5